To backup Windows Server 2008 machines, I use two NAS drives, one I have connected to the network, and one I keep off-site (I swap the off-site one once a week), these are called nas1 and nas2

I run a task in “task scheduler” to call a batch file, this checks which NAS drive is connected, then runs wbadmin which is the new and improved ntbackup of old. It assumes that all backups are held in a directory call backups/<computer name>

If the task fails, it uses a little mail utility called bmail to send error reports to the specified users (this can be found at and needs to sit in the same directory as the bat file.

The nice thing is that you can copy the script and bmail.exe to each of your servers and the batch file does not need changing, it automatically gets the server name.
Below is the contents of the batch file:-

if exist \\nas1\backups set backupdrive=nas1
if exist \\nas2\backups set backupdrive=nas2

C:\Windows\System32\wbadmin.exe start backup -backuptarget:\\%backupdrive%\backups\%computername%\ -include:c: -allcritical -quiet
if %ERRORLEVEL% GTR 0 goto error

goto end


echo Backup Failed !!!
bmail -s mailserver01 -t -f -a “The Backup scripts on %computername% failed”