How to Stop Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) from being automatically re-configured in Exchange 2010 with autodiscover


If you configure Outlook Anywhere on a client access server an EXPR entry is created. From this point forward, autodiscover picks up the change and publishes it.
This will set the checkbox for Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP and fill the information for the HTTP proxy and authentication methods from the server.

To disable the automatic enabling of Outlook Anywhere, the following powershell command can be used on the server :-

Get-outlookprovider –identity EXPR | remove-outlookprovider
Once this is done, recycle the AutoDiscover application pool in IIS.

This solution will keep the outlook clients from automatically getting Outlook Anywhere set, but still allows the manual configuration of it.

To restore the EXPR provider, run the following powershell command :-

New-OutlookProvider -Name:EXPR

For more help with Outlook Anywhere, this page is great!